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Erecting A Steel Building

Our 6 Step Process

Step 1: Foundation and Anchor Bolts

When it comes to steel building erection, the planning and preparation stages are the most important. Building slabs should be engineered to the standards pertaining to the loads and codes of the planned prefabricated metal building. In addition, anchor bolt installation is a very critical part of erection, because anchor bolts must be properly placed during concrete pouring. 

Step 2: Framing - Purlins - Girts

After the prefabricated metal building is delivered, our crews unload the material from the truck(s). Each piece is already cut to size. We start by erecting the columns of the building and then we attach the rafters. Once each column has a rafter attached, we install the eave girts to stabilize the frame. We then continue on installing the purlins, wall girts and provided bracing. It is important that we install additional temporary bracing to stabilize the building until the roof and walls are attached. 

Step 3: Install Framed Openings

With every steel building erection, buildings must have at least (1) framed opening. In this step, we install all framed openings including the entry doors (usually 3070), the overhead door framing, and if applicable window and vent framing. It is important the the framing is placed correctly the first time since each jamb is bolted into the concrete slab for stability. 


Step 4: Roof and Wall Sheeting

Once the prefabricated metal building is completely framed, it is time to install the roof and wall sheeting. We start by installing the wall sheeting first. If the building has insulation, we install it at the same time as the wall panels. Once the wall sheeting is installed, we move up to the roof and install insulation and the roof panels simultaneously. Our metal roof installation is focused on safety and durability.

Step 5: Install Trim

Installing trim is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also provides protection from critters and water. In this step, we install all ever trim, rake trim, and if applicable, gutters and down spouts. There are several different trim options for metal buildings. For very little cost, it is certainly worth the extra protection and look for your investment. Our crews often fabricate trim on site to fit properly.  


Step 6: Install Accessories

When it comes to any steel building, the accessories are what it's all about. At Houston Erectors, we install all accessories and provide overhead door installation. Depending on the use of the building, we install windows, entry doors, overhead doors, vents, skylights, wall-lights, and more. All windows and entry doors are field located, meaning we place them in their final locations on site. 


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